5.8.17 Box Brief

Week of 5.7.17

Weekly WODs, Athlete Appreciate Week Schedule and The CrossFit Prom King/Queen Challenge WODs!


Monday 5.8 17 : WOD #1, Zayze (am Ardmore/pm Wayne), 5min Deep Tissue Massages (pm Ardmore/am Wayne)
Tuesday 5.9.1: XWerks gift bags and $50 gift card to top score, 5min Deep tissue massages (am Ardmore)
Wednesday 5.10.17 : WOD #2, Green Engine Coffee (am Ardmore), Kinetic $70 Gift card to top score
Thursday 5.11.17 :  WOD #3, lululemon fitting (pm Ardmore), Juice Doctor Happy Hour (pm Wayne)
Friday 5.12.17 : Juice Doctor Happy Hour (pm Ardmore)
Saturday 5.13.17 : Prom, location TBD, 80s Theme
Sunday 5.14.17 : Pour Richards 8-11am (am Wayne)


Top Rx Male =  King
Top Rx Female = Queen
Top Scaled Male = Prom Court
Top Scaled Female = Prom Court

Box with best average score hosts the prom!
**All Athletes workouts will be calculated for average time. Head Coach will insure that 100% of Athletes log into class. A ‘No Score’ will receive the time cap.
**Averages will be totaled and the Box with the lowest overall time hosts the Prom!

Athletes Choice for the fastest time, 15min time cap

150 wall-ball shots (20,14,14,10)
Squat Cleans (135,95,95,65)
Ring Dips
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45,35,35,25)
30 Pull Ups

100 Dubs (300 singles)

75 Cal Row
50 DB Front Rack Lunges (45,35,35,25)
**25min time cap

800m Run

40 Burpees over the Bar
20 Power Snatches (95,65,65,45)
10 Bar Muscle Ups (30 Pull Ups)
**25min time cap