Friday 4.1.16 Box Brief

Welcome to ‘AB’ril

During the month of April accumulate as many sit ups and mid-line movements as you can. Movements completed in class count towards your total, score your totals on the whiteboard by moving along the marker of your choice. Top three Athletes with the highest numbers get their pick of some pretty incredible prizes; CrossFit swag, Ab-Hancer, 6 pack of beer and Yeti Cups are all up for grab.
Rules: Complete as many sit ups or mid-line movements as you can. Count the reps completed  in class. Seconds accumulated in static mid-line movements count, Example: 30sec plank hold = 30 reps.
*Remember everything that we do in CrossFit starts with the core and moves to the extremities.  So improve your overall strength is ‘AB’ril!
**Not sure if the movements in class count towards your total? Ask a Coach