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Duh. Of course moms would love this workout. (Image: Courtesy of Northwest CrossFit)

The Top Five Reasons Moms Love CrossFit

There is a common misconception that CrossFit is a workout for big, tough hulking men that want to beef up and hardcore fitness junkies. We admit, we had this impression at first too. After talking with some actual CrossFitters though, we realized there is a whole group of Crossfit superstars out there that we weren’t aware of—moms.

Duh. Of course moms would love this workout. When you look at the top five reasons moms love CrossFit, it makes total sense.

1. Moms can handle pain like nobody else. You won’t hear them complaining about being sore from their latest workout—they’re too tough for that. They may have bruises from the weight bar they held during squats but their legs and backside will look amazing.

2. Moms like a challenge. They always keep pushing—they’ve already pushed through so many barriers before they even step foot into a CrossFit gym—hello, labor and the Terrible Toddle Two’s.

3. CrossFit can be done as a family and most CrossFit gyms, like Seattle’s Northwest CrossFit, are kid-friendly and have some form of childcare options available on site. Older children can even participate in the workouts—it’s a great forum for exercise and togetherness. CrossFit is fun and safe for kids ages 7-13 to work alongside their parents to learn the fundamentals. Moms can help their kids start the road to fitness young and build healthy habits. At Northwest CrossFit, all classes are mom-friendly before 1 p.m.—meaning moms can bring their kids to class while they work out.

4. CrossFit can provide a welcoming post-partum environment as new moms are often at the morning classes and workouts. Getting to a workout that pushes and inspires you can help with self care and balance for new moms and moms of young kids. At Northwest CrossFit, the Beginning CrossFit Series is great for new moms getting back into the swing of things—its not intimidating and helps to develop fundamental moves, core concepts and techniques.

5. Classes are only an hour long so they fit well into a busy mom’s schedule. Some days you may even get done in 45 minutes!

Moms do CrossFit for the fun and inspiration—to improve their health and happiness, and to instill lifelong fitness aspirations in their children. If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit out, check out Northwest CrossFit—their studios are well-equipped, their coaches are professional, and they will always make sure you have the appropriate modifications you may need to stay safe and injury free.

For more information on classes and locations, visit www.nwcrossfit.com.