7.29.15 Box Brief

[Training Optimization] Never Accommodate to Strength Training

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So you take an athlete like a runner who starts strength training and starts to run faster times because of the training. Why does this happen?+

So here’s how it works…+

Say I bought a brand new Camaro and I want to drag race it. I take that Camaro to the track every weekend. Well, after a few weekends I get the fastest time I can get out of that car…+

…and for a while I get the same times.+

After a while it starts to slow down. Tires start to get bald, eventually need a tune up…+

…transmission starts to slip because the car’s been beat on for a long time and it goes down hill from there.+

Now, it’s kind of like a runner. Runners, they get better at running at first because they learn how to pace…+

…they accommodate to the training so they get more efficient at running, they learn how to hydrate and fuel their bodies with better nutrition. Maybe lose some body fat and they get lighter which helps them run faster times. After a period of time they do that for a while and then they get a peak time.+

Then after they peak their time they slowly start to degrade after that point……….

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