5.20.15 Box Brief

New Apparel Has Arrived!

Pre-ordered? Pick yours up in the Coaches office.
Forgot to pre-order, only a few additional sizes remain and several are already sold out.

24 Hero Wods in 24 Hours

Tagging and bagging this year’s shirts! We will have these available at CFML on Friday. If you have notified us of your size and quantities, there will be a bag with your name on it. Each shirt is $20.00 and all sales will be added to our overall donation to the Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund. — at Crossfit Mainline.

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Main Line CrossFit Athlete?

There will be no change to our workout schedule. Below you will find the programmed WODs for Friday 5.22.13 & 5.23.15. As an Athlete at The Main Line CrossFit there will be charge to attend regular workout times.

Friday, May 22nd:
6:00 & 9:00 AM:  “Bear Shark”
12:00 PM:  “Sham”
4:30 PM:   “Bull”
5:30 PM:  “JJ”
6:30 PM:  “Randy”
7:30 PM:  “Zimmerman”

Saturday, May 23rd:
8:30 & 09:30AM:  MURPH