4.4.15 Box Brief

Can You Maintain or Even Build Strength While Losing Body Fat?


Yes, you can. But first have to avoid some of the common mistakes and misconceptions that can destroy your progress.

We got together with Barbell Bikini coach Jackie Perez, as well asBarbell Shredded coach and Crossfit Games athlete Mike McGoldrickto answer some of the most important nutrition and training questions affecting athletes.

Take plenty of notes. This is exactly what you need to hear to get the body you want, while also performing at your very best.

What’s the biggest challenge athletes face when it comes to eating for fat loss? As a coach, how have you addressed this issue?

Jackie: The biggest challenge I see is consistency with eating clean.

Most people will have really good weeks, and then some really bad weeks. So, they don’t see many changes overall. It’s also common for athletes to not eat enough. When you don’t eat enough nutrient-dense food during training you’re more likely to make bad choices. When you get bored and hungry on the weekend you will start eating garbage.

To avoid that you just need to prepare properly. As a coach I work with all my athletes to come up with a nutrition game plan for the week. We always have to work around busy schedules, so I try to get them to plan some realistic meals.

A great first step is to prepare a bulk meal on a rest day that can be portioned and stored in the fridge. Keep these quick meals accessible and you’ll start making better food choices more frequently, which is the whole key to success.

Just as a final point, keep some healthy, nutritious snacks packed when you leave the house. You don’t want to get caught off guard without a decent meal. When you get hungry, have that snack ready. Keeping your momentum is huge! The entire goal is to build new habits. In time eating well will become what you do automatically, like clockwork.

But if you fail to take the time and prepare a little ahead of time, you will have a lot of trouble performing great while getting lean…… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE