2.3.15 Box Brief

Bladder Function Redux: Be Normal Not Common

We’re back talking about pelvises and the rest of the south 40! This time we define what is normal for daily bladder function and what is “dys-normal” but unfortunately common. Dr. Dianna DiToro describes normal bladder function and why you should care about the fact that almost all mammals pee for about 20-30 seconds. Before we can talk about pelvic dysfunction in the gym, we need to consider what we’re doing the other 23 hours out of the day. Urinary incontinence can be the precursor to fecal incontinence, so let’s take care of our business before something hits the fan.

P.S. In this video Kelly asks Dianna if we should purposefully “hold it” for a little longer every now and then. After thinking about it longer than a split second on camera… Dianna’s take is this: it’s true that we should be able to hold it for 2-3 hours but it’s not necessary to hold it for longer than that as a training tool especially if we can make it through a full night’s sleep without waking to void.

Now, 3,2,1…go.

Pee.Pee.S (see what we did there?) If you didn’t catch Dianna’s other video, you can see it here: Supple Grundles: Gut-Smashing for Better Boners | Pro Episode # 86 and you can catch our pelvic health discussion with Jill Miller here: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Jill Miller | Pro Episode #76

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