1.30.15 Box Brief

$1 Flash Sale

Friday through Monday all apparel and socks (excluding hats) are on sale at the Box for $1 cash. Pick up your favorite shirt, tank or a pair of rope climbing socks for a $1. No need to have a Coach check you out, just toss the $1 in the drop box. Why the flash Sale??? Starting in February new apparel will be arriving every few months. New Box shirts in various colors, “Main Line Barbell Club” swag, CrossFit Kids shirts as well as womens and mens training shorts. Help us make room for the new inventory and grab some gear while its on sale.

 Progenex Pre-Order

Get your Progenex pre-order to Jenn@CrossFitMainLine.com by Friday 2.6.15 to save 10%.
Check out ProgenexUSA.com to see new products.


How One CrossFit Class Converted Me After 15 Years Of Yoga

….Those fears of bulking are crazy.

I’ll admit when I first started, I was terrified of “bulking up.” I thought I was a girl who got thick easily, so my coach told me the second I felt bulky, all I’d have to do is stop CrossFit training and I’d go straight back to looking how I used to. But to my surprise, I just kept getting smaller and smaller. A year on, I’m still going four-to-five times per week and that “bulk” has yet to show up.

What I’ve since learned: it takes a LOT of conscious effort to look like those bulky professional men and women in the magazines. They’re spending hours and hours in the gym. They’re lifting a lot more weight and doing way more reps than you or I ever will, with minimal cardio. They’re taking supplements to help them get that look. CrossFit for nonprofessionals is programmed to always be a mix of weights and metabolic conditioning, so you get lean and toned. click here to read more