You Made It!

You’ve made it! The final week! The finale! The home stretch… speaking of stretching, how’d your movement go last week? You’ve done so much in the last 5 weeks including up your H2O intake, prioritize sleep, eat your veggies and protein, and move–there’s a lot there to be proud of! 

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Whether it’s social media, childhood conditioning, or outside influences, some of us have been taught not to celebrate our wins… I’m sorry, what?! If you’re looking for the permission to scream your successes from the mountain tops, here it is: YOU CRUSHED IT! OWN IT! YOU DESERVE THIS! SCREAM IT!

Feels pretty good to scream about something positive, doesn’t it? Our bodies do so much for us on a day-to-day basis, why not thank them? Between carrying us place to place, digesting food, creating energy, and showing up for us in workouts, our bodies are truly miracle machines, and there’s magic in every moment.

Focusing on that magic makes us magnificent and unlocks our secret power: gratitude. Many emotions go hand-in-hand, like intrigue and curiosity, anger and frustration, peanut butter and jelly (wait, how’d that get in there?). Anyway, what studies show is, when you’re in a state of gratitude, your brain doesn’t register other emotions. WHAT?! You have the power to feel abundance instead of anxiousness, sadness, jealousy, or any other emotion at any time! Talk about a life hack. So, how do we cultivate gratitude?


Focus on the Small Stuff
Because it’s all small stuff! The reality is we have a multitude of things to be grateful for everyday. We woke up, we had electricity, our shower was warm, our car started, the list goes on… Taking notice of the small things add up to big changes in perspective.

Bookend Your Day
Beginning and ending your day with some peace and quiet can set us up for success and allow us to reflect on that success at night. You’re setting the intention to have a great day and then giving yourself the time to appreciate and reflect on those positive occurrences in the evening.

Focusing on our breathing taps into our autonomic nervous system. Bringing awareness to the breath can help us down-regulate and ground into the moment. Like we outlined earlier, there’s something to be grateful for in each moment of the day–slowing down allows us to illuminate the small things, and gain a different perspective.

Your Homework:
As a reflection practice, find time each night to journal. Write down three things you’re grateful for that happened that day. The kicker? Your entries can’t match or be the same things that you were grateful for in previous days. This may ask you to get creative with your answers, and it will leave you searching for the magic in every moment.

There it is! 6 weeks… you did it.
You started your reset but it doesn’t end here. These 6 weeks have only been the foundations to what is an ongoing journey towards building healthy habits to help you