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Curt –

Has a busy schedule

Curt struggled to find a workout routine that would keep him lean and strong while fitting into his busy schedule. After 3+ years Curt still finds the workouts diverse and great support in the community and educated coaches.

Alicia –

Busy mom, looking to get back in shape

With limited time in her day and goals of returning to when she was in the best shape of her life. Alicia found CrossFit to be the solution to her busy schedule and getting into the best shape of her life.

Mike – 

Needed some motivation

Mike needed a fitness routine that would help him develop as an athlete. With constantly changing workouts that have forced him to work on his weaknesses, Mike has become both physically and mentally stronger.

Terri – 

Wanted more energy

As a working mother, Terri was looking for a fitness routine that fit her schedule, challenged her, and produced results. CrossFit has made her stronger and more energetic than ever before.

Jim – 

Hoping for a boost of confidence

Although he’d heard about the community aspect of CrossFit, Jim admits the workouts intimidated him at first. However, no one is more surprised at his huge gains in weightlifting and skill work than he is.

Danielle and Stephanie – 

Wanted to look good in wedding photos

These sisters had a particular reason for joining CrossFit: wedding season! Rather than adding bulk, both Danielle and Stephanie found the workouts were great at getting them toned and lean.