Snooze or Lose 😴


Week 1 is in the books and you look healthier and more radiant already! Funny how something as simple as drinking more water can make you feel so much better. Simple, consistent action can have a BIG IMPACT.

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Our body does so much for us each and every day. From moving when we workout, to digesting the food we eat, and all the way down to each and every process that needs to happen on a cellular level – the human body is a fascinating machine, capable of so much.

So what is the single most important thing we can prioritize to keep our machine recovered? How do we allow our body to rest so that it can function at the level we need it to? 

The answer is always simple. It is in the execution that most people slip. Let’s break it down!

The goal is to get 6-9 hours of sleep a night. This does not just mean 6-9 hours in bed. There is a difference. So if you get into bed at 10pm and get out of bed at 6am, that gives you 8 hours! Right in the sweet spot for our goal!
But hang on. Did you spend 1 hour scrolling through social media? Did you watch a few episodes of “The Office” until you fell asleep? Did you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?


The goal is 6-9 hours of quality, restful, and uninterrupted sleep (easier said than done). This will require a good, consistent bedtime routine. Let’s dive in!

Light sends signals to your brain that you should be AWAKE! Blue light from your phone, light from outside peaking through the blinds, even the blinking light from electronics in your room-these all make it harder to reach deep, restful sleep, Get your room as dark as possible and plug your devices to charge in another room. An eye cover works too! 

Early dinner for the WIN! If your body is busy digesting your dinner, it will be harder to down regulate and get a deep sleep. Aim to wrap up dinner an hour or two before bedtime. The earlier the better!

I know, I know. Hear us out though! It takes 10-12 hours for caffeine to be completely processed and out of your system. That means that your 2pm cup of coffee is still doing its thing well into the night! This can be a tough one for some people but the earlier you can have your last cup of joe, the better.

Have a fantastic and restful week!