Lea Murtaugh

Who Am I?

In the summer of 2012 after hearing a friend talk about his Crossfit experience, Lea decided to give it a try to differentiate her workouts. After the first workout there wasn’t a doubt that it was something she would stick with. Through the years, the constant challenge of movements and workouts did not disappoint and neither have the results. Committing to fitness in 2008, maintaining a 50 pound weight loss, Lea found a lot of success in long distance running. Running 4 marathons, 13 halves, multiple 10 milers and 5ks, Lea found that her times were dropping and that this Crossfit stuff might actually be working in not only in the box but also in other fitness models. It is also without a doubt that some of the nicest and most caring people are a part of this community. The best part of finishing and coaching workouts is witnessing the developments and improvements of the people in this fantastic community.

Lea lives in Media, where she was also raised. Outside of coaching, she works in admissions. She has her MBA from Rosemont College, an M.Ed from West Chester University and a B.S. from Penn State. In addition to her Crossfit certifications, she also has her license to practice as a Guidance Counselor in Pennsylvania, grades K-12.

  • ANSI CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Certified
It’s always different, it’s always difficult and it’s always rewarding. The people are also pretty awesome.
It’s a way to keep what I love a part of my daily routine. There’s also nothing better than seeing people hit their goals and continue to set new ones.
How much I hate Styrofoam, how much I love Mark Wahlberg, and my ongoing awkward phase.
I like chocolate… and wine…

My Secret Ninja Move


My Super Sucky Move

Pull ups! One day I will conquer!

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