Hotel Workouts 2017-04-04T13:51:31-04:00

Take what you want, steal these workouts, all I ask is…..hit them hard and make note if you quote me on anything. Several lists have been made with “Workouts on the Go.” I want to start a new list (which I will continue to update) of workouts that I do while traveling. From all of my travels (it’s a lot) I have found that the majority of time your hotel will have some type of fitness center. Lets useit!

Ultimately lets start with this: Workouts while traveling and performed alone require a certain mentality. A mentality of……you against the dumbbell, you against the push ups, squats…..or any other exercise or piece of equipment, and you want to WIN!!! It is significantly more important to put yourself in a mindset to perform. My mind says, “walk in the hotel gym, kick my own ass, walk out and get ready for the day.” Although this mentality is challenging to develop and have, it allows you to feel fully fulfilled when finished with your workout. This is truly the only way to be just as satisfied after a hotel workout asa normal CrossFit workout at your home gym. You don’t have a coach or support system, be your own.