Covid Certification

Certification Qualifications


  1. Displaying of signage in office providing clients with general recommendations for avoiding the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Displaying questions about COVID-19 symptoms for clients, and asking clients to review and respond to these before participating.
  3. Using a non-contact device to measure the temperature of all employees and clients when they first arrive, if applicable.
  4. Ensuring that anyone who is experiencing flu-like illnesses leaves premises.
  5. Ensuring that anyone who has been diagnosed with COVD-19 or previously displayed symptoms has fully recovered before working or participating.
  6. Educated employees on COVID-19 and share with they your plans and policies related to reducing the risk of spreading the virus.


  1. Hand sanitizer stations available for clients use at various locations in business.
  2. No-touch trash receptacles available for clients use at various locations in business.
  3. Removal of items from offices that are touched by multiple people and may not be easily disinfected.
  4. All consent forms must be digitally signed


  1. Sufficient inventory of PPE supplies, if applicable.
  2. Employees must wear respiratory protection masks at all times around infected individuals.
  3. Masks must be replaced immediately is soiled, damaged or worn around infected individuals.
  4. Encouraging clients and employees to wash hands for 20 seconds after interaction with clients.


  1. Staff wiping down and properly disinfecting countertops, door handles, chairs, pens, bathrooms, etc. routinely throughout the day.
  2. Clean PPE with soap and water, or if visibly soiled, clean and disinfect reusable facial protective equipment.
  3. Disinfecting non-dedicated and reusable equipment according to instructions from the manufacturer.
  4. Using barrier plastic wrap on computer keyboard and mouse, etc. and changing them routinely.
  5. Hand sanitizer throughout the space with at least 60% vol alcohol.
  6. Employees thoroughly washing your hands often throughout the day.
  7. Implemented a policy requiring employees to groom and dress in a way that helps reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
  8. Follow CDC recommendations in the event of suspected unintentional exposure.
  9. Reviewed the current guidance from your state legislators regarding COVID-19, and used your best judgment to adopt what makes sense for your business.
  10. Understand current state and local COVID-19 requirements applicable to your business and are following them.

Cleaning & Safety Procedures

Masks Requirements & Exemptions