Kevin Curran

Who Am I?

Kevin currently resides in, was born and raised in, Philadelphia. He attended Drexel University where he studies Project Management. Kevin played community sports as a kid, skateboarded at love park, sailed, and was generally active. After college Kevin became unhappy with his more sedentary life, including inconsistent diet & exercise. Kevin found CrossFit in 2015 when he decided he needed to make a change. He feel in love with the attention to detail found in movement progressions, safety, consistency, and fun in the coached group classes. Aches and pains went away, replaced by health and gains!
Kevin regularly challenges his mobility, strength, and virtuosity; and brings the same efficacy to his coached classes.
  • Drexel University, BA Project Management

  • ANSI CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • ANSI CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids

  • Ready State Mobility Coach TRS-1

  • Ready State Mobility Coach TRS-2

I plan to live past 100 and I’d like it to be a pain free 101+ years.

I want to effect athletes’ body mechanics and health in the way mine has been, for the better, creating life long habits.

Mustache grooming

An excessive amount of Perfect Bars.

My Secret Ninja Move

Rope Climbs!

My Super Sucky Move


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