CFML – WEEKLY June 5th, 2023

Over Memorial Day weekend, CFML hosted our annual 24 Hero workouts in 24 hours to honor those who sacrificed their lives in service of our county. This was our largest turnout in the 11 year history of the event. Thank you to our community and most of all, thank you to those who gave their lives so that we can do this. 

IG POST OF THE WEEK: Most Inspirational Moment At The North America East Regional.


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Plymouth Meeting

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Our very own Coach Kelli & Coach Mike will be traveling to Daytona Beach, Florida this weekend to compete in the Atlantic Coast Classic! Make sure to give them fist bumps this week! GOOD LUCK!!!


Broken Science??
Your coaches at CFML are nerds!
We enjoy history, science, probability and science. That’s why we love CrossFit: the results are measurable and repeatable. Unfortunately, a lot of published science has not been following established scientific protocols: observation, measurement, prediction and validation. And, unfortunately, social media exacerbates the problem and has even influenced public policy.  So what does this mean for you or me? I think we need to be skeptical of any new research concerning our health, supplements and especially drugs. Read reports carefully and ask your Coach questions about training supplements.
Remember: Correlation doesn’t always mean Causation


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