Saturday 5.11.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

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– In teams of 2 –
0:00-15:00 AMRAP
600 Meter Medball Run
60 DB Thrusters
180 Double Unders

17:00-32:00 AMRAP
600 Meter Medball Run
60 DB Hang Power Cleans
120 Air Squats

32:00-42:00, Recover:
3 Options:
Easy Row
Easy Bike
Easy Jog


Banded Pull-aparts 4 x 40-50


– Metcon: Today Athletes will work in teams of 2 with one person working at a time. Athletes can split work however they choose but work is divisible by 2 so that should be relatively easy to configure today. Each section of this workout is a 15-minute AMRAP with the exception of the “recovery” work – this will be done on their own (not in teams of 2.) Athletes will choose between 3 modalities choosing 2 and performing 5 minutes of easy work at each. The goal of this recovery work is to drive the parasympathetic nervous system. Overall, this workout should be fun today and completed at around 75-80% effort – the overall level of effort will depend on how the Athlete  is feeling and based off of how often they’ve trained this week. Other factors that Athletes should be considering is how their nutrition and sleep were this past week – all of these pieces of information should determine how hard Athletes are pushing themselves on a given day. Some times the best training should be just getting a good sweat and NOT being dead on the ground after the workout is complete.