Thursday 5.2.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

May Programming Breakdown

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1: Box Squat 8 x 3
2: Banded Deadlift 6 x 2
3: Seated Dynamic Box Jumps 6 x 3
4: Front Rack Double Kettlebell Walking Lunges 3 x 20 steps


100 Kettle Bell Swings


– Strength: Today we’ll perform work that is geared at power development and utilizing high-threshold motor units. This is incredibly important to develop (and maintain) fast twitch muscle fiber which deteriorates with age if you don’t use it and also allows you to build lean muscle mass = higher metabolic rate. This session will be fast-paced so your people will likely be winded which is what’s expected. How this session should play out is we should be able to complete numbers 1 through 3 with a running clock. This means ALL THREE MOVEMENTS will need to be warm and set-up beforehand – this we are performing in the warm-up today. This will keep the tempo high – dynamic effort work is supposed to be fast paced and almost feel like an anaerobic conditioning session. With that said, loading must allow for consistency across all sets (we’d rather have Athletes go lighter vs. heavier.) I’d advise Athletes get into groups of 2-4 people, depending on your space and equipment. We’ll perform similar work over the course of the next 3-WEEKS (this will be a 3-week wave.) Box Squat percentage is based on 1RM BACK SQUAT from 4/22 and Speed Deadlift from banded deadlift 1RM from 4/29.