Thursday 3.21.19 CrossFit

Box Brief

Friday Night Lights

**March 22, 6pm at both Ardmore & Wayne**

Everyone is welcome to complete the Open WOD or just come and hang out and be part of the fun.
We’ll have a TACO BAR, adult beverages and guaranteed fun.
Stop by and yell your lungs out for our inspirational Athletes!
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Front Box Squat 8×3


5 Minutes of:
Russian Swings
*Rx+: (BA Russian Swings)
5 Minutes of:
KB Overhead carry
*Rx+ TGUs
5 Minutes of:
Max calories Row, Bike or Ski Erg
5 Minutes of:
Single Arm Farmer Carry


5 Minutes of Parasympathetic Breathing


– Strength: Box squats are beneficial for developing hamstring and adductor strength not to mention breaking up the phases of the lift to develop force, for more info check out this article here. Stance will be wider than a normal squat stance with toes pointed slightly out. Athletes should choose a box which will allow them to hit parallel (typically 15″-16″).  In this case, using a higher box today vs. a lower box would be beneficial if those heights don’t work for you and increasing the loading slightly to account for a higher box. This “60-65%” is based on their 1RM FRONT SQUAT (NOT FRONT BOX SQUAT.) If Athletes do not have a recent number they can use their ramp-up sets to determine a moderate weight that will allow them to explode off of the box on all sets (smoother/faster is better than slower/heavier here.)
– Metcon: We are looking for 5 minutes of continuous work for each movement. During warm-up, ensure athletes are able to safely perform TGU with light or no weight and gradually increase weight to work up to weight which will be used during the workout. If Athletes are not comfortable completing TGUs that can perform KB OH Carries. There will be no rest between movements so have all equipment and weights set up prior to beginning workout. Have athletes start on different stations as needed based on your equipment.