November Programming Breakdown

Throughout the month of November Athletes will continue to see multiple benchmarks, including several new ones. Hero WODs are always worth noting in the monthly breakdown so make sure you make time to complete ‘Andy’ and ‘Holleyman’. Both long Hero workouts that will push our 1 hour time limit in class.

The Thanksgiving holiday always requires us to move things around a bit. This year we are celebrating 6 years of Thanksgiving workouts on the turf field at Radnor Park! Bring your friends and family, complete the metcon on the turf and hangout for a bit after. Its always a blast to see the same visiting CrossFitters from all over the country, year after year.

Overall this month is a GREAT blend of retesting, new testing pieces and a change of pace as we prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

November CrossFit & Endurance Programming

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CrossFit November Benchmarks

Max Effort

  1. Max Rep Strict Pull Ups/Mac Rep Chin Ups
  2. Squat Clean 1RM
  3. Close Grip Bench Press 1RM + Drop Set Push Ups
  4. 60s Max Reps Sumo Deadlift w/ Band (last completed 6/11)
  5. Oly Skill Work Day

Dynamic Effort

  1. Banded Deadlift (week 3 of 33)
  2. Squat Clean (2 weeks)

Conditioning Benchmarks

  1. Bear Grylls (4/9)
  2. Jerry
  3. Pavement (6/18
  4. Timebomb (7/12)
  5. 2014 Regional Workout Andy (11/10/17)
  6. Cindy (11/8/17)
  7. Thunderstruck
  8. Holleyman
  9. Jones Bones (8/17)
  10. Plus 20 more
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