Friday 9.28.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
9/29 Wayne Inbody Scan, Baseline WOD, Bring your Friend Day
9/30 Ardmore Inbody Scan, Baseline WOD, Bring your Friend Day

Registration Open for the Main Line Meltdown 21 Day Challenge.


Front Box Squat (EMOM 8, 3 reps @60%)
Intent: Today is Week 1 of a new Speed cycle for the Front Box Squat. Loading is intended to be light and allow for fast sets. This work will be done with a running clock.


“Wicked Garden”
15 Front Squats (155,105)
21 T2B
30 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Front Squats
15 T2B
20 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Front Squats
9 T2B
10 Bar Facing BurpeesRx: (135,95)
Endurance: sub FS for Goblet Squats (heavy)
18:00 Cap

Intent: Today’s Benchmark workout involves a heavier barbell and a high-skill gymnastics movement so managing pacing/fatigue is paramount. Start off slower than you think and adjust your pace as the workout progresses. All sets of Front Squats should be heavy and difficult to complete UB.


5min Mobility with Coach