Thursday 9.20.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Wayne Endurance ONLY Bring a Friend Week

Registration Open for the Main Line Meltdown 21 Day Challenge.


10 Rounds for Time
5 C2B
10 “X” DB Movement (60s,45s)
15 GHD Sit-Ups
Round 1 – Dumbbell Push Press
Round 2 – Dumbbell Burpees
Round 3 – Dumbbell Power Cleans
Round 4 – Dumbbell Bench Press
Round 5 – Dumbbell Lunge Steps
Round 6 – Dumbbell Front Squats
Round 7 – Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
Round 8 – Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
Round 9 – Dumbbell Deadlifts
Round 10 – Dumbbell ThrustersRx:(50,35)
Endurance: (Jumping C2B)(35,20)
27min Time CapScore = Time

Intent:Today can be as challenging as you’d like to make it.  If you haven’t trained more than twice already this week push it. Today is also a good workout to improve your midline stability . Go for your biggest UB sets.


5min Mobility with Coach