Friday 9.14.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Registration Open for the Main Line Meltdown 21 Day Challenge.


With a medium weight KB
Russian Swings
Goblet Squats
30 Flutter Kicks after each round (L+R=2)


1) Back Squat ( every 2min 3×3 @ 80%, 3×2 @85%)
Intent: Week 2 of Back Squats. Weights are heavier this week so it’s okay if you don’t feel “fast,” but the execution needs to be your main focus today.
2) Inverted Rows, Pronated Grip 4×10
w. 1 count pause at the top of each rep, 60s rest b/t sets


Unbroken (Time)
For time:
KBS (70,55)
*All sets must be done UB.
12min time cap
Rx: (55,35)
L2: (45,30)
L1: (Not UB 45,35 R. Swings)

Intent: Don’t let this workout fool you; this is a brutal workout with 84 heavy kettlebell swings. You can rest as much as you need to between sets, but all sets need to be done UB.


5min Mobility with Coach


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