Monday 9.10.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
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Power Snatch (3×4 TnG Skill Set, build across)
Complete every 2min
Intent: Work on efficiency with the touch n go power snatch today. These are intended to be light and done UB to prepare for the EMOM.


Min. 1: 100 Meter Run
Min. 2: 6 TnG Power Snatch (135, 95)
Min. 3: 100 Ft. Front KB Carry (55s,35s)
Min. 4: 10/8 Calorie Bike
Min. 5: 100 Ft. BW Lunge

Rx: (115,75)(35s,25s)
L2: (95,65)(35s,25s)
L1: (12 R. Swings 35,25 in place of Power Snatch)(25s,15s)
Alternative Options
10/8 Calorie Bike = 12/10 Calorie Row

Intent: Today is a breathing/pacing piece where we want consistency across the board. Nothing is intended to be overly taxing for this workout, especially considering it’s before a special workout we are doing tomorrow for 9/11.