Friday 9.7.18 CrossFit


Grab two DBs and complete:
Banded Alphabet, ea side
5 DB Power Cleans
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Push Press
Banded Alphabet, ea side
Rest 30s
5 DB Power Cleans
5 DB Thrusters
Banded Alphabet, ea side


Back Squat (3×3 @ 70%, every 90s)
Complete every 90s. Use 1RM from Monday.

Metcon Prep

3 Rounds
3 DB Power Clean
3 DB Thrusters
– 60s Rest –


“Freshmen V2”
7 DB Power Cleans (50,35)
7 DB Thrusters (50,35)
Rx: (45,25)
L2: (35,20)
L1: (25,15)

Intent: Benchmark workout. Hint: go lighter than you think as both movements are NOT comparable to their barbell counterpart. If you’ve performed this workout before keep in mind how much work you’ll need to complete to beat your previous work output.


5min Mobility with Coach