Wednesday 9.5.18 XFit Mini’s


 Animal Crackers
Human walk, Cat walk (opposite foot, opposite hand), camel walk (left side forward, then right side forward), frog jump, bear crawl, seal drag, kangaroo big jump, bunny small hop, duck walk, dolphin roll (log roll)


Pull ups


KB DL ladder:
5×15 then 5×25 then 5×35 then 3×45 then 2×55 then 1×70
Rest 2 minutes and complete again!


Obstacle course!- coach goes through leading all the athlets. Then athletes run through the course a few times
3 deadlift
4 burpees
5 squats
6 jumping jacks
45# plate, 12inch plate, 20 inch box, 24 inch box- run up boxes
Foam mats at bottom of 24 inch box- jump down
Foam mats in front of jump down mats and do forward roll