Sunday 9.2.18 CrossFit


10 DB Man Makers
Row 250m
20 Yoga Push-ups
Row 250m
30 Double Unders
Row 250m


1a) DB Bench Press  4×10
4×10, build across1b) Inverted Barbell Rows 4×12
4×12, pronated grip

1c) DB Zottaman Curls 4×10
Build across

Complete as 12min EMOM
Intent: Today’s work is intended to be challenging, but done with perfect execution. The focus today is on the upper pushing/pulling.


In a Team of 3
Athlete #1 Rows 500m
Athlete #2 Runs 400m
Athlete #3 Max DB Man Maker (50,35)
Rx: (45,25)
L2: (400m)(300m)(35,20)
L1: (400m)(300m)(25,15)*Score = total man sets of 500m/400m run completed. Both athletes are working at the same time.

Intent: Today’s Metcon involves one person rowing and one person running 400m. Your effort should be “sustainable” around 80%. Try to find a pace you can maintain for the entire 20 minutes.


Mobility with Coach