Saturday 9.1.18 CrossFit


“Field Day”
1) Max Distance Broad Jump: 3 Attempts (inches)
Broad jump is a test of power-output. NFL RB 10+ ft.
2) Max UB Wallballs (20,14)(reps)
Test of mental capacity/endurance.
3) Max Calories on the Rower in 8:00 (cals)
4) Max Push-ups in 60s. (reps)
Upper Body Endurance Test
5) Max Sit-ups in 60s. (reps)
Hip Flexor/Abdominal Endurance Test
6) Max Burpees in 60s (reps)
**Score total inches + reps + cals
**Comment each individual score

Last complete 3/24/18
All test will be completed in order, if needed in 2 heats.
Intent: Today is intended to be fun a day and a change of pace, but still quite challenging. All tests of these tests you will see again and are great ways to measure our fitness.