Monday 8.27.18 CrossFit


Squat Clean and Jerk (5×2 Every 90s, build across)
Intent: Build to a challenging set of squat clean + jerk or focus on technique


30 Front Squats (155,105)
30 Lateral Burpees
– Rest 5:00 –
30 Power Cleans (155,105)
30 Lateral Burpees
Rx: (135,95)
L2: (115,75)
L1: (Goblet Squats) (135, 95 Deadlifts for Power Cleans) (Regular Burpees)

Last completed 5/24
Intent:  Each section of this workout is intended to be done near maximal effort, 90-95% effort which means you should worry less about pacing and more about just going for it! You’ll have 7 minutes of rest between sections to recover as this is a high-threshold workout.


5min Mobility with Coach