Sunday 8.26.18 Endurance WOD


Coach led 800 meter run. Stop every few meters and complete body weight movements


A.) Every 2:00 x 10:00 (5 sets):
6 DB Bench Press (increasing weight each set)
12 DB Bent over Row (6/arm, increasing weight)

B.) AMRAP 7:
7 Double KB Deadlifts (53/35#)
7 Push ups
*REST 2min
7 Double KB hang power cleans (53/35#)
14 Calorie Row
*REST 2min
7 Double KB Front Squats (53/35#)
21 Double Unders

*The Double KB will certainly provide some awkward and uncomfortable movement for some. Make sure the athletes choose an appropriate weight that won’t hold them back. It’s only 7 reps and should be challenging, but they also shouldn’t be getting stuck here. It’s only 7min per AMRAP so we are looking for a 90% effort throughout.