Sunday 8.19.18 Endurance WOD


Coach choice!


Every 3:00 x 15:00 (5 sets):
12 Hollow Rocks
6 L-seated Strict DB Press
12 Tuck-ups
6 Ring Rows

10 KB High Pulls
10 KB Push Press (left arm)
10 KB Push Press (right arm)
*REST 2:00
30 Double Unders
20 KB Front Squats(10/arm)
1 Rope Climb

*On the first AMRAP the High Pulls should be unbroken and the easier portion. The Push Press will be challenging for some but try to push them to go Unbroken. Towards the end they’ll potentially need a break up so encourage them to go 6/4. On AMRAP make sure the athletes break the front squats 10/10 holding strong on the front rack. If you have don’t have a rope climb I encourage the rope Rows as they are a great tool to build pulling power.