Thursday 8.16.18 Endurance WOD


MINI workout!

100 m jog
3 burpees
5 sit ups
x 3
100 m jog
3 wall balls
5 lunges


200 m run
21 burpees
21 sit ups
x 5
Rest 2 minutes when done,

200 m run
21 wall balls
21 overhead lunges with the wall ball
x 5

***30 min cap

A pure grinder! More about the mental ability to just push through than anything else. Everyone must monitor their own time and take not when they finish as they will be responsible to rest for 2 min on their own.
Sit ups is where you will catch your breath on the first workout. The run is where you will catch your breath on the 2nd.
Lots of cardio and your heart will spike soon and stay there.
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