Friday 8.10.18 Endurance WOD


5 kipping swings-10 lunges
5 push ups- 10 squats
5 broad jumps- 10 lunges
5 stink bugs- 10 squats


A.) 8 Tabata
0-4Plank Holds
5-8 V Hold

B.) 4 Rounds
1 min KB deadlift
1 min shuttle runs
1 min Barbell thruster
1 min jump rope
1 min Jumping pull ups
1 min rest

*Athletes should be choosing weights and heights that they can move for the entire :30s time frame with very little to no breaks throughout the course of the entire workout. Moderate to moderately light weight range for today.

From 0-5min
P1- :30s on Box Jumps
:30s Rest
*This will take the first 5min. Alternating doing the work every :30s. Continue this rotation for the entire 20min. Alternating movements every 5min.