August Programming Breakdown

August CrossFit Programming

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August Endurance Programming

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In month of August we will be retesting a number of benchmark strength and conditioning pieces from April and May. There are a few benchmarks workouts that we have done before on the old platform (3 & Full Speed) so you want check Wodify as it’s possible you’ve have done these workouts before.

In terms of the distribution of higher-threshold work, aerobic work, and strength development the programming this month does include more volume with repetition work namely single-joint movements (in place of dynamic effort upper-body work on Tuesday’s.) Additionally, the distribution of high intensity work does remain comparable to prior blocks of programming with 72 hours between these sessions.

You may notice additional opportunities to perform higher-skill gymnastics work under fatigue in longer conditioning pieces that contain cyclical work ie. Running or Rowing. This work is intended to teach you how to pace, breath, and sustain yourself (Aerobic Power development crucial for success in CrossFit), but also us to train Cardiac Output and improve heart-health.

Barbell loading for conditioning work is largely determined by total volume so if you’re seeing heavier barbells in conditioning pieces that does not necessarily mean that we are trending heavier with this work; augmenting loading to account for lower total volume amounts. This is not done at random, but one thing unique to CrossFit (that we don’t practice all the time due to the risk of injury) is increased loading as a workout progresses. This can provide a change of pace and a new challenge, but remember to treat this work as you would a 1-RM and not sacrifice your body just to get the work done.

We’ll start a new dynamic effort (speed) cycle with the Low Box Squat (12-13” box) and the Sumo Deadlift. This work is meant to be “submaximal,” fast, and efficient work. You should almost feel as if you’re performing a Metcon performing sets every 60s. Be efficient here and remember that speed work is just as valuable as maximal strength work. This work allows us to utilize higher-threshold motor units which translates to higher consumption of oxygen post exercise (improve your metabolic rate) as well improve your ability to be explosive with the Olympic Lifts.

Overall, it’s important to listen to your body with any training program. More is not better, better is better! Allowing your body to recover by getting adequate sleep, prioritizing your nutrition and managing your stress levels outside of the gym will afford you even more success with your strength, conditioning, and body-composition!

CrossFit August Benchmarks

Max Effort Variations

  1. Hang Power Clean 1RM
  2. Conventional Blocked Deadlift 1RM
  3. Squat Snatch EMOM
  4. Front Squat 1RM (Last done 4/23)
  5. Bench Press 1RM (Last done 5/1)
  6. Touch n Go Deadlift: 5RM
  7. Squat Clean + Jerk: 5 x 2 (technique or load)

Dynamic Effort Variations

  1. Jerk Work (Week 2 + 3)
  2. Speed Front Squat/RDL (Week 3/3)
  3. Low Box Squat/Sumo
  4. Deadlift x 3 week wave

Conditioning Benchmarks

  1. Johnny Cash (Last done on 4/6)
  2. Jerry Simple Man Isabel (Last done 4/16)
  3. Katie (Last fone 4/29)
  4. Fight Gone Bad (Last done 4/21)
  5. Full Speed Mustang Sally (Last done 4/28)
  6. Jones Bones
  7. 3
  8. Icebreaker (Last done 5/10)
  9. Gameday (Last done 5/24)
  10. Jack (Last done 5/11)
  11. Field Day (Last done on 3/24)
  12. + many more
  • Max Effort Work: Build to a max with a plan. Your overall goal is to beat your previous max by 5#’s. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but getting a “win” and making incremental progress is more important.
  • Dynamic Effort Work: Move fast and efficiently. “Grinding” reps has no place here and will negate the benefits of this work.
  • Conditioning: Being smart with your pacing will afford you the ability of improved capacity. More times than not, starting slower than you think and adjusting as the workout progresses will help, but know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t worry about anyone else around you, do you!
  • Accessory Work: This work pays the bills! It improves your limiting factors (imbalance), health, longevity, and how you look naked! For a 5-10 minute investment after class (or at the end of class) you’re performing work with a huge return on investment! And yes, doing a bicep curl is “functional!”
  • Have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not feeling it on a particular day. Taking a rest day isn’t going to crush your “gainz” either, it will actually do the exact opposite.
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