Weekly Programing Breakdown 7.23.18 – 7.29.18

CrossFit Main Line
Weekly Programing Breakdown
7.23.18 – 7.30.18

This weeks programming entails some classic CrossFit style conditioning work and a classic benchmark “Helen.” The time-cap is actually pretty generous for this workout so challenge yourself to push your pace.

We are performing a clean complex Monday which is intended to challenge Athletes to hold onto the bar for longer durations even as the loading increases. We will also find new 1-RM Jerk maxes which will be used for a subsequent Dynamic Effort Cycle.

Overall, the volume of work this week is a bit lower, but the relative intensity is higher. This should be a fun week of programming!


Max Effort Lower: Clean Complex, Jerk (Last done 3/27)

Dynamic Effort Work: Front Squat + Deadlift combo


Adrenaline (last complete 4/2)

Helen (last completed 4/17)

Arms & Legs (new benchmark)


Make sure to pay attention your pacing. Pacing recommendation are listed in the intent. Also, don’t forget to include “Finisher” work. This work will be the game-changer for continual progress.


Educating our Athletes is one of the most important things we do. Our Coaches and staff spend countless hours ensuring each class is the best hour of your day. Retaining the information is more important than just hearing it. Give us 5min of your time during the movement demo to make a difference in your approach.

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