Weekly Programming Breakdown 7.16.18 – 7.22.18

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Weekly Programing Breakdown
7.16.18 – 7.22.18

The past few weeks we’ve incurred quite a bit of lower/upper volume as well as more classic CrossFit style programming. The upcoming weeks (and months) you’ll start to see this balance out a bit more. The purpose of doing this is more psychological than anything else; many of the barriers we try to break with our athletes involve changing the thought process of them thinking they need to do more and be beaten up more often to get better.

That’s not to say we’ll do this all the time, but the summer months are a great time do this as many people are traveling and going on vacation and may be not getting in as many sessions as they normally would, which inadvertently allows for recovery between sessions.


Max Effort Lower:Back Squat 5RM, Medium Grip Floor Press, Weighted Chin-up 1RM

Dynamic Effort : Speed Front Squats


Southie (last done 3/26)

Abs of Steel (last done 3/29)

Roundabout (new)

Buddy Carry (new)


Make sure to pay attention your pacing. Pacing recommendation are listed in the intent. Also, don’t forget to include “Extra Credit” work. This work will be the game-changer for continual progress.



Educating our Athletes is one of the most important things we do. Our Coaches and staff spend countless hours ensuring each class is the best hour of your day. Retaining the information is more important than just hearing it. Give us 5min of your time during the movement demo to make a difference in your approach.

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