Sunday 5.27.18 Endurance WOD

Box Brief
Mon. 5.28.18 8:30am Endurance, 9:30am CrossFit
(no babysitting)


3 Rounds of AMRAP 10
20 Double Unders (30 Singles)
12 Plank Up-Downs (6ea Arm)
20 Double Unders
12 Hanging Knee Raises
20 Double Unders
*After Each Round, Perform A 200m Plate OH Carry (25-45# Plate)
– Rest 3min between each AMRAP –
Restart where you left offScore = total full rounds of first 10min AMRAP

Intent: This workout is a back and forth between basic movements and then the double under. Push for unbroken on all movements and then use the 200m Carry as a “recovery” walk. Once the shoulders burn, drop the plate and take a few seconds to recovery.