Thursday 5.10.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
• Mom WOD 5.13 All Class Times
• Ardmore Endurance Challenge Starts 5.15


Paused Back Squat (5×4 @ 65-70%, w/ 1sec. pause in bottom)
3×5 Seated Dynamic Box Jumps
Every 5 jumps increase height

Intent:  Final week of Speed Back Squats with a 1 count pause. All sets should be fast and completed with zero hesitation. Transition right into seated dynamic box jumps. No one should be struggling with any of their sets of back squats

Metcon Prep

Every 2min for 3 rds complete
3 Squat Cleans as singles, building to metcon weight
30 Dubs


4 Squat Cleans (225,155)
40 Dubs
L2: (135,95)
L1: (95, 65) (40 Dub Attempts)

Intent: Today’s Metcon is a new benchmark and intended to be heavy, likely a weight you’ll complete slower singles with. Challenge yourself and go heavy today!


1a) KB Shrugs 4×10
1b) KB RDLs (both legs) 4×10