Friday 4.27.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Wayne Endurance Bring a Friend Week 4.23- 4.30


1a): Hang Power Clean (5×1 HPC+Push Jerk+Split Jerk @ 70%, every 90s.)
1b) In between sets complete 10 Banded Pulldowns
Intent: Today and for the next two weeks we are working on efficient movement with hang power clean + push jerk + split jerk. All sets are intended to be done for speed/efficiency, not load. The weight should be heavy enough to be challenging but not too heavy that your form will be affected.


4 Rounds
25 Cal Bike
50 Dubs
200m Empty Sled Push
– 2min rest after each round –
Sub Bike for Row or 800m Run

Intent: Look to work consistently for all 4 rounds. Most of the movements are not globally taxing so you should be able to do so. Sled push will become more taxing than expected. If you find yourself walking decrease total distance.

$ Out

1a) DB Lateral Raises: 3x12ea
1b) DB Hammer Curls: 3x10ea


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