Wednesday 4.18.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Wayne Running Clinic

CrossFit at Athleta 4.21

Wayne Endurance Bring a Friend Week 4.23- 4.30


Pull-up Skill Work
Adv. 3-5 reps
Int. 2-3 reps
Beg. 1-3 reps

– Kipping
– Kipping Pull-ups
– Butterfly Pull-ups
– Kipping C2B
– Butterfly C2B

Intent: Spend 10 minutes on refining your pull-ups today with whatever style you choose. If you’re still new to the “kip” we’ll spend the time learning how to perform that first before adding the pull-up to the equation


For Time
1000m Row
50 Jumping Pull Ups
50 Alt. Pistols (L+R=2)
150 Double Unders
50 Alt. Pistols
50 DB Deadlifts (55,35)
1000m Row
**30min Time Cap**
Rx:(Air Squats instead of pistols) (55,35)
L2:(100 DUBs)(45,25)
L1: (100 SU) (35,20) (R. Swings 45,25)

Intent: Today’s metcon should be LOW effort. What that means to you is that all work should be broken up and your first 800m Run should be the same speed as your last 800m Run even after all of the work that you will have completed. Find a pace that is around 70% (lower than yesterday) and maintain. Focus on your breathing and efficient pacing.

$ Out

4 Rounds
20s work/20s Rest
Abs with a plate switch