Sunday 4.15.18 CrossFit

Box Brief:
Bring a Friend Week 4.7 – 4.15
Ardmore Running Clinic 4.17
Wayne Running Clinic 4.18


1a) Back Squat (3×5, Build to a moderate load)
1b) “Seated Box Jump” 3×5
Coach Call every 2min complete 1a + 1b
Intent: Work up to a moderate set of back squats and moderate height of seated box jumps. Focus on perfect technique and shoot for 80% of your current 1RM x 5.


6 Rounds
10 ^^HSPU^^
10 DB Front Squats (55,35)
200 Meter Run
Rx: (HSPU 2 Ab Mats)(50,30)
L2/L1: (15 Stink Bugs) (35,25)

Intent:  Today’s workout is both GPP/Conditioning with the added element of an odd movement like DB Front Squats. You should be able to complete all work consistently for all 6 rounds at roughly 75% of max effort. DB Front Squats should beable to be completed in 2 sets or less and Farmer Carry only putting the weight down 2x at most.

$ Out

Max Burpees in 60s