Wednesday 4.11.18 CrossFit

Bring a Friend Week 4.7 – 4.15
Ardmore Running Clinic 4.17
Wayne Running Clinic 4.18


Snatch -Coach Call, every 90s, 10×2 LIGHT
Intent: Spend 15 Minutes performing technique work with the full snatch today. Keep loads light and focus on positioning.


Every 3:00 x 10 Sets:
60s max distance row
60s ^^Heavy Unilateral DB Carry^^ (75,60)
*Score = total distance on the Rower
Rx: (60,50)
L2/L1: (50,35)

Intent: Today’s workout will likely challenge you more than you like since the loaded carries will really conflict with breathing. Try to maintain 80% effort on each interval keeping your row distances the same for every 60s interval.

$ Out

1a) 1-Arm Landmine Row x 10 each
1b) Landmine Rotation x 15 ea.
1c) Flutter Kicks x 20