Thursday 3.8.18 CrossFit


1a: Box Squat 4×4 @ 65%, every 60s.
Coach call warm up sets: 4×5, every 60s, building to 65%
1b: Box Squat 3×2, every 90s Building to challenging set
After 4th set at 65%, immediatley start 3×2 building to challenging set, not max.
Intent:  Wk. 2 of 3. 4 sets of Box Squats for speed, 3 sets heavy (not max) today. Make sure you’re able to be explosive on each set. Speed is more important than loading. Try to beat last weeks weight by 10#s.


“Complex A”
4 Rounds, Unbroken
8 Hang Power Cleans (115,75)
8 Front Squats
8 Push Press
8 Back Squat
8 BB Rows
– Rest 2:00 –
Rx: (95,65)
L2: (75,55)
L1: (65,35)
*Score = Load used

Intent: Complexes are very challenging in terms of the demand they place on the body. Be careful with not choosing the right load. You should be able to complete all movements without dropping the bar


Coach led mobility

$ Out

3 Rounds of:
20 Banded Pulldowns
20 Landmine Rotations