Thursday 2.8.18 XFit Juniors


Me Vs. You
Partner up
One goes, one counts
1 minute- jumping jacks
1 minute- sit ups
1 minute- broad jumps
1 minute- snake ups
1 minute- burpees


Coach choice for game


PVC pipe
1- feet under shoulders
2- hands outside legs- chest up
3- look at coach- paint legs going down to knee
4- go down to shins
5- shin to knee x 5
6- knee to hips x 5
7- shrug x5
8- dip butt back, flip elbows through x 5
9- stand tall
Split into 2 lines, work everyone through, coach watching 2 kids at a time
A- use DB
B- use light barbell
C- no more than 25 lbs


6 cleans
12 press
18 jump rope
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