Wednesday 2.7.18 CrossFit


Partner Up and share equipment
1a) Barbell Rows: 4×6
1b) Rollback Tricep Extensions: 4x10Intent: The intent today is perform upper back/tricep work in superset fashion. Focus on quality over quantity


18min AMRAP
30/25 Calorie Bike/Row/400m Run
20 Air Squats
16 Alt. DB Hang Power Snatch (55,35)
10 Box Jumps Overs (30,24)
Rx: (35,25)
L2: (25,15)
Alternate rounds b/t cardio pieces however you see fit.
100m = 1 rep

Intent:  We are looking for UB sets of Thrusters today. DB Thrusters are far more challenging than BB thrusters so make sure you choose a weight you can stay efficient with.

$ Out

3 Rounds
12 Seated DB Cleans
12 DB Hammer Curls
25 Banded Pull-aparts