Thursday 2.1.18 CrossFit


15min EMOM
T2B + Static Hold
3-5 T2B + 15s Static Hold
Static Hold choices: Handstand Hold or OH KB Hold

Intent:  Today is a good day to practice T2B drills as they’ll most definitely show up in the open. Also, reinforcing good movement patterns to practice in the Metcon is the goal today.


Partner Up
12 Rounds
40 Single Unders
30 Mountain Climbers (L+R=1)
20 Air Squats
10 T2B
5 Burpees
After each partner completes 1 round complete a partner wheelbarrow 50′ feet each. Modify wheelbarrow to bearcrawl w/ shoulder taps 100′ each
*Work is NOT split. One athlete completes all of the listed work while their partner rest.
*Each athlete will complete 6 total rounds each.

Intent:  Today’s metcon is intended to be done in “you go, I go” style where you’ll complete all of the listed work while your partner rests

$ Out

Wallsit: Who can hold the Longest?