Friday 12.15.17 CrossFit


Box Squat 8×3

Intent: Week 2 of Box Squats. All sets should be capable of being done with perfect form + explosiveness.

Metcon Prep

2 Rounds of:
5 DB Power Cleans
5 DB Thrusters
5 Burpees
Rest 90s. These are done at game speed.


In a 4min Window:
20 DB Power Cleans (55,35)
20 DB Thrusters (55,35)
Remaining time max rounds of:
5 DB Thrusters
5 Burpees
-4min Rest-
4min AMRAP
5 DB Thrusters
5 Burpeees
*Score = Final AMRAP Score
Rx: (45,25)
L2: (35,15)
L1: (25,10) (Barbell Deadlifts for Power Cleans 95,65)
Intent: Today’s metcon is going to challenge you in a new way. The use of DB’s always provides a new challenge so you may want to evaluate your weight choices choosing lighter vs. heavier

$ Out

4 Rounds
Double Kettlebell Front Step-ups x 6 each
KB Suitcase Deadlift x 6 each