Thursday 12.7.17 CrossFit


20min AMRAP
Heavy Sledpush 100m
Heavy Farmer or Suitecase Carry w/ barbell 100m
Stone to Shoulder or Overshoulder
Bottoms Up KB Carry 50m
Tire Flips x10

*Done as AMRAP 20 with stations. Athletes can choose how much work to perform of each
*Score each successful movement, comment weights
Intent: Today the intent is change things up with strongman training or GPP work. You may find that this work is more challenging than you imagined. Intent is not to speed your way through these exercises.


5 Rounds
21 Double Unders
15 KBS (55,35)
9 DB Renegade Rows each Arm
L2: (30s of Double Under Attempts) (45,25)
L1: (40 Single Unders) (35, 25 Russian Swings)
*Renegade row weight is athlete choice today
Intent:  Pick a pace that you know you can sustain for all 5 rounds today. It will likely be around 75-80% of your max HR. Renegade row weight is your choice today.

$ Out

Deadbugs: 3 x 10