Month: November 2017

  • Thursday 11.2.17 WOD

    Register for RowVember Skill 8min EMOM Odd: Goat Skill 1 Even: Goat Strength 1 Skill Choices: Kipping or pull up, muscle up variation Strength Choices: RDL, Barbell Upright Row, Weighted Lunges Intent: Focus on 2 movements/muscle groups that need to be strengthened. Ask Coach for guidance here. Metcon 20min AMRAP Teams of 2 P1 90s […]

  • Thursday 11.02.2017 Crossfit PreTeens

    Warm-up 8 AMRAP 10 inch worms 20 squats 30 sec wall sit 40 high knees 50 butt kicks Lift Deadlift 2×2 10×1 Metcon 21-15–9 Back Squats burpee bar hops

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  • November Programming Breakdown

    Programming Breakdown for November 2017  Click to View November Programming Overall, expect to see dedicated work for the upper-back. Single-arm farmer carries to improve frontal plane core competency will be crucial for improving the muscular related to stabilizing the spine and spinal health. These along with side-planks will occur more often. Additionally make sure you […]