Tuesday 11.28.17 CrossFit

RowVember starts Wed. 11.8.17
Weekly Ca$h prizes & chance to win new concept2 rower!
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30min EMOM
Min 1: 10 Burpees
Min 2: 45s Row for meters
Min 3: 45s Bike for calories
Min 4: 45s Handstand Walk or 20s Handstand Hold
Min 5: 45s Max Double Unders
L1: (8 Burpees per round) (Single Unders)
*Score = total meters completed on rower
Intent: Today’s work is all about maintaining 75-80% of Max HR. Nothing here should be maximal meaning you should be able to repeat your effort each round. Burpees should NOT take longer than 40s to complete otherwise scale to 8 reps per round.

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5:00 of “Cooldown” in the form of static stretching or preferred tissue work